High Availability for IBM System i

Protect critical IBM i applications from downtime and guard against data loss with simple, scalable, full-featured high availability and disaster recovery products. Assure QuickEDD HA replicates IBM i data and objects in real time to local or remote backup servers. These servers then stand ready to assume the production role or recover data, including data from past points in time. Assure Quick EDD HA is expandable to multiple nodes and supports multiple replication topologies. It can also be used with a variety of IBM i OS levels and storage combinations, and is scalable from SMB to enterprise workloads. The service uses a graphical interface that supports seven languages and a 5250 interface, with customizable switch procedures that can run step-by-step, interactively or in batch mode. Tools are provided for analysis, monitoring and specific configurations, and reports can be created on your HA environment, job logs and more. Alerts are also available through email, MSGQ and SNMP for unattended monitoring.

QuickEDD will help you achieve:

Developed in Machine Interface

This allows a better performance and independence, operating at the same level as the Operating System. From P05 to P50, it handles systems with half a million transactions per second, sustained 24 hours a day.

Very Easy to Implement and Manage

It can be installed in just one morning and be configured in the afternoon to start replication. The entire software weighs around 20Mb. It does not rely on journals and does not require datagroup configuration. It can work practically unattended.

Real-Time Replication

It works quickly in both simple and complex environments, including cloud infrastructure. It compares data, so only what is necessary for High Availability (HA) is replicated.

Highly efficient in the use of system resources

Low utilization of production CPU (2% to 3%). Lower bandwidth utilization of up to 80%. Lower replication times, only sending what is necessary for HA.

No objects left in error

Thanks to how it applies changes to its own Quick-EDD/HA tools in an orderly manner, automatic detection and repair of possible differences in the target system are quickly performed.

Simple and fast role changes

This is the product's main objective. It can be automated in such a way that transitioning from one environment to another can be achieved with just the push of a button.