Production and distribution of graphic documents on IBM i

Graphic document production on IBM i with advanced features

Produce graphic documents with formatting on IBM i from SCS or AFP spools, and enjoy advanced integration features such as the use of TrueType fonts, linear and 2D barcode generation, dynamic charting and much more.

Print and distribute your documents to any location from your IBM i system.

Produce your documents in multiple output languages (PDF, PCL5, PCL6, ZPL, etc.) and generate them in a directory (IFS or external) or an OUTQ for direct printing. The created documents can also be sent via email.

Worldwide Production

With Whiz-DOC, you can produce your documents anywhere in the world, in any language. We achieve this by being fully compatible with Unicode (UTF-8, UTF-16).
Dynamic Graphic Document Production
Thanks to how we identify data in the spool, we are not limited to a fixed structure in the documents we produce, as is the case with other market solutions. With Whiz-DOC, it is the spool structure and content that determines the document appearance. This allows, with a single document description, handling multiple spools with different structures and contents, and creating documents accordingly.
Advanced Features for Your Documents

Produce your documents with advanced graphic features, such as:

TrueType fonts, linear and 2D barcodes, images, line, bar, and pie charts dynamically built from your data, dynamic tables, tables of contents, indexes, numerical calculations, concatenations and much more.

As we run natively on IBM i, we can extract data from your DB2 database and use it in the production of your documents.

Print on Any Printer
Whiz-DOC can generate PCL5, PCL6, and PDF for printing on laser printers, ZPL for thermal printers, and can print on any printer that does not support these languages using a small Java utility on a print server. It can also use physical printer functions using PJL commands or handle cutting and folding machines via dynamic OMR marks.
Standardized PDFs

The PDF created in Whiz-DOC is a standardized PDF/A1. The main advantage of this format is that the document contains all the information that makes it up (fonts, images, graphic objects), so the document format is preserved regardless of the application or device that opens it. It also contains metadata that can be managed by the product.

A Versatile and Secure Solution for Your Email

Send your documents by email and communicate with any SMTP server, including those using TLS 1.2. Generate customized emails with HTML formats using integration variables. With Whiz-xml, automatically generate an XML file alongside your PDF and attach it, or add any other attachment to your email.

A Powerful Tool for Your Documents

Whiz-DOC was created to meet high document production needs but can be integrated into any project, regardless of its volume or complexity. When used together with Whiz-SPOOL, you can create complex automations that manage your spools and documents and integrate them into your production to meet your needs.

Our solutions

Need to implement complex production procedures for generating XML or converting XML into graphic documents? Check out our other solutions:
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Easily produce XML files from your IBM i spools. Convert from XML to spools. Convert from XML to XML with a different structure. Can be used alongside Whiz-DOC to convert XML files into graphic documents.
Convert text files to spools or spools to text files. Used in conjunction with Whiz-DOC, it can be used to convert text files from external solutions into graphic documents.