About Us

We are a company with presence in the Americas, focused on providing software and hardware solutions.

By delivering solutions in a simple and efficient manner, we work alongside market leading brands for the platforms iSeries and x86. We have a multidisciplinary team focused on solving the challenges imposed on us by more than 50 client companies throughout the Americas.

Javier Barraud
CEO & Co-Funder

Javier has more than 20 years in the IT sector with an important track record having worked for the main companies in the industry. He formulates the company's commercial and product strategies while also leading our sales and marketing teams.

Fernando Secchi
CIO & Co-Funder

Fernando has more than 25 years of experience in the IT sector, driving software development and infrastructure processes globally. He develops the company's product technology strategies and technical processes, working in tandem with various teams.

Nahuel Lopez Frega
Service Operations Manager

Nahuel has gained experience in multiple technologies from an early age, focusing on expanding his knowledge in diverse areas. He currently develops the company's technical and operational procedures, while also serving as a liaison between Operations and Development.

Lucila Basos
Office Manager

Lucila is in charge of all the company's planning, execution, and control processes, both administrative and financial. She coordinates different work teams for various business units, allocating necessary resources and tasks for their execution.

Laura Russo Felizar
Development Manager

Laura has extensive experience in developing both web and mobile applications. She is responsible for establishing the architectural and technology patterns applied to the applications developed at Sinaptrix, and she leads the company's Development team.

Darian Renko
Operations Team Leader

Darian has a wealth of experience leading teams, with a focus on delivering results and fostering multidisciplinary teams, promoting their professional and personal growth. His role at Sinaptrix is to lead the Operations Team.